Neurodevelopmental Disability on TV: Neuroethics and Season 1 of ABC’s Speechless

Hi everyone! Clearly, I haven't posted here in years - although I did just find an unpublished draft from late 2012 about The Newsroom that I might revisit.

Today though, I'm excited to share with you an blog post I co-wrote in line with my recent academic work. It's an article looking at the TV show Speechless through the lens of disability studies and neuroethics. Please go check out the whole thing over on the Neuroethics blog:

"Television can be an important medium through which to explore cultural conceptions of complex topics like disability – a topic tackled by Speechless, a single-camera family sitcom. Speechless tells the story of JJ DiMeo, a young man with cerebral palsy (CP) portrayed by Micah Fowler, who himself has CP. The show focuses on JJ’s daily life as well as the experiences of his parents and siblings. JJ’s aide, an African-American man named Kenneth, voices for JJ, as the latter uses a head-mounted laser pointer to indicate words and letters on a communication board (explaining the show’s title)".


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