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2011 Fall Television Season - Week 2 - Pilot Reviews - Sitcoms Part 1

Welcome back to my pilot reviews: 2011 Edition! Today, I'm going to take a look at two of the three new sitcoms that premiered the second week of the Fall Season. One is pretty standard while the other is the worst show ever. The first is better than Up All Night and Free Agents, but it still comes with a few caveats. As such, without further ado, here is the show that kind of made me laugh.

2 Broke Girls: I'm mildly irked that the 2 Broke Girls' creators decided to go with the number 2 instead of the word. All of my alphabetical lists of television shows will forever be ruined.

On the upside, the show wasn't a complete bust. 

2011 Fall Television Season - Week 1 - Pilot Reviews Part 2 - The CW

Hey again! As promised, here is the second half of my review of Week 1. This time, I take a look at two new shows gracing the air on the CW. These would, of course, be the highly anticipated Ringer and the probably highly anticipated but mostly just a Vampire Diaries Clone, The Secret Circle. One of them was surprisingly fun, while the other was absolutely horrible. Without further ado, here are my rambly and strong opinions.

2011 Fall Television Season - Week 1 - Pilot Reviews Part 1

Welcome, a little late, to the first official week of the 2011 Fall Television Season! Seeing as how network television is basically crystal meth in the form of heavily censored family entertainment, I will likely be watching every new pilot ever. As such, I thought it might be fun to A) make a list of shows I think people should and shouldn't watch so as to be able to share my very strong opinions with someone other than my stuffed gorilla and to B) discuss what the STV community thinks about the new season in one big post. I reserve the right to not watch/review something if I feel that it would likely make me seize violently.

Alright, I'll be starting Week 1 with something I am going to call "The Kind Of Good, The CW, and The Unbearably Mediocre". As you may have guessed, I wasn't wildly impressed with what the networks had to offer in their first week.