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No Ordinary Family - Episode 1.01 - Pilot - Review

Hey all! This is a review of No Ordinary Family I wrote for the 2010 pilot season. As is evidenced in my review below, I was quite taken with it. Sadly, what started off as a funny and episodic family-friendly show quickly devolved into schlock, nonsense, and generic superhero tripe. I even included a shoutout to the possible success of The Event. My bad. Anyway, this is the last of the articles I wanted to transfer from SpoilerTV to my blog, so, enjoy!

Rubicon - Episode 1.01 - Gone In The Teeth - Recap/Review

Hey again everyone! This is yet another one of my older recaps/reviews that I am taking from SpoilerTV to post on my own blog. It's is a look at the pilot episode of the too-soon canceled AMC drama: Rubicon. Even if there is little in the way of resolution, I would absolutely recommend this show to anyone with an interest in slow paced psychological dramas.

Without further ado, here is what I took from the pilot episode of Rubicon. Remember, spoilers abound!

Game of Thrones - Episode 1.08 - The Pointy End - Recap/Review

Hey again everyone. Sorry about having taken last week off for no apparent reason. I'm back in full swing this week as we approach the end of what has been an absolutely brilliant and far too short first season. This week's episode, entitled "The Pointy End," was one of the show's strongest outings to date. It was also written by the author of the novels, George R. R. Martin himself! Yayz :D! That being said and with much excitement being felt, I found the ending a little anti-climactic