Game Of Thrones - How Should It Be Reviewed?

When I first heard that Game of Thrones was being turned into a television show, I both squealed with delight and recoiled in horror. My favourite series of books EVER was being adapted for my favourite artistic medium; however, the thought that something could go terribly wrong and ruin everything forever was a distinct possibility.

When I realised that it was being made for HBO, most of that worry was dispelled. The books have incredibly gritty, realistic, and complex characters. They have heavy plotting that would be too much for a movie and yet too complicated for the usual format found on Network Television. It also has blood, sex, death, incest, and a plethora of taboo topics. HBO is basically the ONLY way these novels could ever work on some sort of screen and IT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING!

Furthermore, the author of the novels is heavily involved in the project and it's apparently going to be an EXTREMELY faithful adaptation and yet still allow for the transition from page to screen. Many of the actors involved are well known and well respected (Sean Bean and Peter Dinklage to name just two) while allowing for a whole slew of new talent.


In the past six months or so, trailers, posters, and a decent number of special features and featurettes have been released in one of the most exciting Marketing Campaigns I have ever seen. The books, though formally accepted as epic fantasy, are set in a world comparable to Medieval England with the occasional Wraith or Dragon.

I'm writing this article to ask SpoilerTV readers one important question:

How should I go about reviewing the show?

This being SpoilerTV and plenty of readers being partial to spoilers, I have three options I would like to put forward.

1. Ignore the books. Review the show as it stands alone. SpoilerTV is expanding and isn't just about spoilers. It contains numerous spoiler free articles, recaps, and reviews.

2. Discuss the books along with the show. Get excited about what I know is coming. Make references to spoilers/events that take place in later chapters or even later books.

3. Compare the show to the books. Not in a negative "OMG THEY FORGOT THIS KEY SCENE FROM THE SEVENTEENTH CHAPTER I'M SO ANGRY" kind of way. I mean compare how a novel full of inner monologues and point of view characters can/does/fails to come across on screen. Discuss how people who haven't read the novels might misinterpret a scene. Discuss how people who have read the books might not be willing to let go of certain preconceived notions.

4. I may even wind up writing a couple of them a week (maybe do number 1 as a recap a few days later and number 3 every few weeks as some sort of meta-analysis).

Hope you're all as psyched about GoT as I am XD!

Please comment away/vote in the poll to let me know!

- Cadence


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