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Caprica: A Show Worth Watching

This is an article I wrote prior to Caprica's untimely cancellation. The reasons for which it ought to be watched are still valid, so I thought I would repost it here:

Hey all! I was initially going to start doing some regular recapping of Caprica, but it occurred to me that my audience would be fairly limited. Instead, I’m going to use this space as a plea to those of you out there who have yet to give this show a chance.

Caprica is one of the most incredible television shows that I have ever watched.

Game Of Thrones - How Should It Be Reviewed?

When I first heard that Game of Thrones was being turned into a television show, I both squealed with delight and recoiled in horror. My favourite series of books EVER was being adapted for my favourite artistic medium; however, the thought that something could go terribly wrong and ruin everything forever was a distinct possibility.

When I realised that it was being made for HBO, most of that worry was dispelled. The books have incredibly gritty, realistic, and complex characters. They have heavy plotting that would be too much for a movie and yet too complicated for the usual format found on Network Television. It also has blood, sex, death, incest, and a plethora of taboo topics. HBO is basically the ONLY way these novels could ever work on some sort of screen and IT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING!

Television: Serialization - Copying The Wrong Attributes

Hey again everyone! This is an article I wrote over Christmas break for SpoilerTV. I'm reposting it here. Enjoy!

Now that Christmas Break is upon us, I can get back into the swing of writing articles more than once every few months. I thought that I would begin again with some posts about television in general. This particular article is an idea I have been struggling with for a few months. As such, it’s kind of a doozy in length, but bear with me!
The core of this idea is that Network Television is, more often than not, a colossal creative failure.