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Television: How TV Music Moves Me - LOST Edition

Hey again! As I mentioned last time, I’m taking a quick break from television storytelling in order to take a look at television music. This article will explore why orchestral music moves me so deeply in the context of a long running television show. Enjoy!

Besides television, music is my favourite artistic medium. Unlike many other forms of art, music is dynamic. As the melody rises and falls and the harmonies shift, my emotions soar and plummet along with them. When the same melody comes back, played over different harmonies, it evokes a sense of nostalgia, while allowing for different moods to take me. If I listen to music while doing something happy or something sad, then those new emotions are incorporated into how I feel about that particular piece the next time I put it on. If a typical Romantic symphony can do this over the course of a mere thirty or forty minutes, then what does that say about the power of a symphony that lasts around 100 hours?

Music is fundamental to the w…

Television: The Episodic Procedural.

Hey all! Last time, I briefly outlined my thoughts on different kinds of television storytelling. Today, I’m going to describe one of the three methods in detail. This method is clearly the one that television networks love and depend on the most. I hope you like what you read :).

The Episodic Procedural:

Television: Three Ways To Tell A Great Story.

Hey again everyone! People seem to have liked my first article, so I figured that I would keep writing :). My pieces are going to take a look at television in general. As such, I will be discussing a large number of shows in each write-up. I’m going to try to avoid specific spoilers; however, spoiler warnings will be issued where necessary.

In the next few articles, I’m going to outline the three major ways television shows tell their stories: The Episodic Procedural, The Season-to-Season Serial Drama, and The Multi-Season Serial Drama.

Before I really get into it next time, let me give you a definition and example of each.

Television: The Greatest Art Form Ever?

Hey everyone! Some of you may know me from over at DarkUFO. If not, my name is John and it's nice to meet you all! I usually go by Cadence in the comments section. When I saw that SpoilerTV was looking for writers, I jumped at the opportunity. After an episode of one of my favourite shows has aired, I often sit down at my computer and write a mini-essay. Since I’m going to be writing anyway, I figured why not try and share my thoughts with people who care about television just as passionately!?

I’ve never really written anything in a public forum before, so this is my first foray into the world of blogging. I thought that my first entry would be an article about why I think that television might be the highest form of art. Feel free to ignore my pseudo-intellectual rambling, but I truly hope that you enjoy what you read.

There are three things that I love about television.